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October 29, 2008
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Working Boat by MikeDoscher Working Boat by MikeDoscher
In Jovian orbit there exists a gas mining installation of mind boggling scale and complexity. The Acadian Queen is a processing facility the size of a city and extends tendrils of spun nanocarbon and doped ceramic fifteen miles into Jupiter's upper atmosphere. Collected gas passes vast pumps and centrifuges separating out helium-3 in industrially useful quantities. Most of the facility is either fully automated or run via telepresence, but the maintenance needs of an installation this size requires personnel in the high hundreds. With those hundreds come dozens of ships of all sizes, including several like this one- the LM-3200 'Stork'.

Originally a Bayer-Blohm design from late in the last century, it has been built under license by all the major shipyards in a a very wide range of configurations. Here we see a fairly standard layout, consisting of a lifting crane offset to starboard and modular external machinery and equipment lockers fitted to the underside in three locations.

Currently it's sitting on an access elevator in one of the pressurized sections. It's unclear from the image what the nature of repairs being undertaken are. However, lack of protective gear on the worker in foreground suggest simple mechanical failure instead of one of the more insidious metaprion infestations.
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Working Boat is a nice, clean and well composed picture made by *Malaveldt. If you like vehicle designs of all kind you definitely should check out his gallery. ( Featured by taenaron )
iiiiiivi Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2010
you have a good taste!
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Amazing. You don't have to reply, as I realize you must have thousands of fans already. :)
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Very nice, congrats on the DD :)
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Congrats on the much deserved DD!
Vodalok Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2010
the art it's self is wonderful, the back story make it Frakking Amazing!
Vodalok Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2010
the art it's self is wonderful, the back story make it Frakking Amazing!
WickedPrince Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2010
Very nice machine. :)
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nice, truly amazing, the picture alone is epic, add an in-depth description and background story and WHAM, epicness x4
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that be super sick
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pretty. :) reminds me of GDI Kodiak from Second Tiberium War.
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